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– Dr. Tim Kimmel

“If your marriage isn’t vertical, then it’s just a matter of time before your relationship will pay the price. Or … you could read this book and transform your marriage into a page-turning, smoking hot, this-is-more-like-it love story.
Your call.”

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Dave and Ann Wilson are co-founders and teaching pastors at Kensington Community Church…

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He never saw it coming. It was the night of Dave and Ann’s tenth wedding anniversary…

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Dave and Ann Wilson are co-founders and teaching pastors at Kensington Community Church, a national, multi-campus church that hosts more than 14,000 attendees every weekend. For the past twenty-five years, they have been featured speakers at Family Life’s Weekend to Remember®, and have also hosted their own marriage conferences across the country.

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What People Are Saying

  • A very entertaining read packed with real-life experiences all married couples can relate to. Dave and Ann provide dual perspectives that blend seamlessly into the singular concept of a Vertical Marriage.
  • I think what I love most about my friends Dave and Ann Wilson is their honesty, coupled with their passion for couples to experience marriage as God intends it. Wherever you are in your relationship, Vertical Marriage will move you closer together as you learn how to go vertical together.

Vertical Marriage will give you the insight, applications, and inspiration to reconnect with God together and to transform your marriage to everything you hoped it would be.

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